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Sharply observed… accomplishes the nearly impossible” – The Hollywood Reporter

Striking” – Filmmaker Magazine 

“A movie not to miss… perfectly played" – Cinema 365

“Moving… Diego Naranjo, who plays Galo, works a miracle” – Revista Babieca

“One of the best national premieres in recent years” - Jorge Vega Reyes

Juan Sebastián has portrayed in CENIZAS the harrowing process of becoming adults, of recognizing ourselves as ephemeral, and capable of the most noble actions as well as the most perverse." – La Barra Espaciadora 

Caridad hasn’t spoken to her father in years—not since he left the family under a cloud of suspicion and accusations. But that changes when a long dormant volcano starts spewing ash and Caridad finds herself isolated and trapped within the blast zone. Out of options, she reaches out to her father and confronts the emotions she repressed for so many years. CENIZAS is an keenly observed and delicately rendered family drama and the second feature from Ecuadorian writer/director Juan Sebastián Jácome. This film is an examination of a family in crisis set under the looming cloud of a geological disaster. Joined by Samanta Caicedo as Caridad and Diego Naranjo as her father Galo, Jácome explores the moments and emotions that lead to the confrontation of issues that that stayed as tabboos for many years.

Directed by Juan Sebastián Jácome

Produced by Irina Caballero, Andrew Hevia, and Germán Tejeira



A gentle, attractive coming-out story” – Variety

“Shines with a wonderful lead actor” – Filmstarts

Days prior to the 1999 collapse of Ecuador’s banking system, JUAN PABLO, 16, travels to the family hacienda in the Andes, where his uncle, a prominent banker involved in a corruption scandal, has taken refuge with his wife and teenage children. There, Juan Pablo meets JUANO, 17, an enigmatic, self-assured black-metal fan from the nearby pueblo, who opens his eyes to a new, liberating universe. As his country and family is heading for the abyss, the two boys’ budding friendship develops into a fragile romance and Juan Pablo is forced to define himself against his chaotic surroundings.

FERIADO premiered in competition at the Berlinale, Generation.

Directed by Diego Araujo

Produced by Hanne-Lovise Skartveit

Coproduced by Irina Caballero, Juan Sebastián Jácome, and Andrés Longares



"A simple premise, like life itself, told through exquisite photography and a perfectly integrated soundtrack" – ArtStudio Magazine

“Ruta de la Luna is a beautiful film with an albino protagonist. Is anything else needed?” – Eduardo Varas Carvajal

Being different. This is not an easy task in any society, even less in Panama, where social behavior is confined within a frame, like in a perverse tropical Noh Theatre. And, when the difference is on your skin, and is so visible like albinism, things get harder, even more when your own father is a fierce representative of the mainstream values. This is Tito’s case, an introverted bowling enthusiast who suddenly, and against his will, must travel from his native Panama to San José in Costa Rica, to look after his ill father, with whom Tito has a very distant relationship. Cesar, has lived his life as he pleases, burning bridges, and going from being a boxing trainer at a mythical Panamanian gym to sports teacher in the suburbs of San José; but now he has a life threatening disease. Tito’s only wish is to go back to Panama as soon as possible to be able to participate in a Bowling Tournament, but Cesar has different plans for him. Tito is forced to drive with his father back to Panama in César’s old but still good Lada, which becomes the next fighting ring between father and son.

Directed by Juan Sebastián Jácome

Produced by Irina Caballero and Luis Pacheco



Founded in 2008, our intention is to create quality films that contribute to the diversity of voices in world cinema. We have produced internationally recognized feature films such as CENIZAS (2018), which has won more than ten different awards at international film festivals, FERIADO (2014), the first Ecuadorian film to be officially selected at the Berlinale, and RUTA DE LA LUNA (2012), film that traveled all around the world with a strong festival presence. Our films have premiered in commercial theaters in different countries, on public television networks, Cable-TV, and various streaming platforms.